South Mediterranean University

is the first English-speaking university in Tunisia to offer internationally accredited programs. With a student population consisting of over 40 nationalities, SMU is also connected to internationally renowned academic partners.

Founded in 2002 by Professor Mahmoud Triki and located at Berges du Lac 2 in Tunis, SMU comprises a School of Business (MSB) that offers Bachelor's, Master's, and executive programs, as well as a School of Engineering (MedTech) that offers Bachelor's, Engineering, Master's, and executive programs.

SMU has partnerships with prestigious schools and universities across all continents, providing opportunities for exchange, transfer, and double degree programs at all levels. As a result, SMU has become an academic reference in the Mediterranean basin and Africa.

Life on Campus

AN EXCITING STUDENT LIFETo provide a vibrant and comprehensive learning experience that extends beyond the classroom, our campus offers a dynamic and empowering student life enriched with numerous clubs and associations. These extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities enable students to broaden their horizons, engage in social projects, raise funds and donations for charitable causes, develop leadership skills, and participate in competitions. The SMU Sports Club, for instance, represents our university in various sports competitions, striving for victory and bringing back trophies.

+20 Clubs

Academic Support & Resources

At SMU, we prioritize the personal development of our students by offering a range of academic support and resources. We believe in placing the student at the center of their learning journey, and to facilitate this, we provide personal advisors and employ active pedagogy methods.

The Advising & Counseling Center has been created to support students in keeping a healthy state of mind and to help them in accessing appropriate on-and-off-campus resources.

Additionally, the SMU Career & Alumni Center plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between professional life needs and our educational system. By providing career guidance, networking opportunities, and connecting students with alumni, we strive to empower our students to succeed in their professional lives.

From Here We Rise

SMU is dedicated to fostering the personal development of our students, placing them at the center of their learning journey. With the support of personal advisors and active pedagogy, we empower our students to pursue their chosen paths, whether it be as entrepreneurs, engineers, or furthering their education at prestigious international academic institutions. Our graduates also excel in the job market, thanks to our strong academic and corporate global network, as well as our new incubator, which provides valuable resources for entrepreneurial endeavors.




PHD Holding Faculty


Business School in Tunisia*

*Entreprises Magasine 2021 & 2022


International Opportunities

As part of our mission, we strive to offer a wide range of unique opportunities for both students and faculty to experience higher education globally. Through exchange programs, faculty mobility initiatives, degree transfers, and double degree programs, we provide avenues for our community to engage with diverse educational settings. At SMU, we actively seek out top-quality partners from all corners of the world, ensuring both educational excellence and cultural diversity in our collaborations.

Internationally Recognized Degrees

In addition to being accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, MSB and MedTech belong to an elite group of Business and Engineering Schools worldwide that hold three of the most prestigious international accreditations. MSB is accredited by EFMD and AMBA, while MedTech is accredited by ABET. These esteemed accreditations open up global opportunities for our students and graduates, ensuring their degrees are recognized and valued in professional international contexts.


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Quality Education

The strategic location of Tunisia in the heart of the Mediterranean, combined with the diversity of its cultural heritage, constitutes significant assets for the development of a regional hub of educational excellence. It is within this optic that we have established the South Mediterranean University (SMU).
Our mission at SMU is to train leaders capable of operating in a knowledge-based world economic order. To this end, the Mediterranean School of Business at SMU has set among its priorities the development of world-class educational programs. We boast a faculty of high caliber and state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of programs that are adaptable to the needs of employers. Moreover, our dedicated staff is committed to providing an enriching SMU experience, making it a wise investment for your academic journey.

SMU Programs

‘‘Our mission at SMU is to train leaders capable of operating in a knowledge-based world economic order. To this end, the Mediterranean School of Business at SMU has set among its priorities the development of world-class educational programs.’’Dr. Mahmoud Triki, SMU President & Co-founder

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Licence In Management

2+2 Bachelor in Business Administration - HEC Montréal

2+2 Bachelor in Business Administration - Hult Business School (Boston or London)

2+2 Bachelor In Hospitality Mangement - Les Roches (Spain, Switzerland)

2+2 Bachelor In Business Administration - Emporia State University

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Licence in Computer Science

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The main objective of MedTech’s 2-YEAR Pre-Engineering program is to provide introductory knowledge of applied physics, mathematics, programming, and engineering to future engineering students

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3+2 with HEC Montreal :

  • Engineering Computer Systems
  • Engineering Software
  • Engineering Renewable Energy

4+2 University of South Carolina

4+2 MSc Opportunity with University of Michigan-Dearborn

4+2 MSc Opportunity with Oakland University (USA)

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Part-time Master in Business Management (evening courses)

Master in Business Management - Finance Track

Master in Business Management - Marketing Track

Master in Business Management - Supply Chain & Operations Mgt Track

Master in Business Management - Business Analytics Track

Master in Business Management - Health Care Mangement Track

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Master in Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

Master in Cyber Security

Master in Software Engineering

Master in Energy Management & Sustainability

Double Degree Programs

Double Master degree with EADA Spain

1+1 Double Degree with HEC Montreal - (D.E.S.S) from HEC Montreal and a Master in Business Management from MSB

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Mini MBA

Executive MBA

CFA Preparation

1+1 Executive MBA with HEC Montréal

Séminaires spécialisés de courte durée : Gestion de projets / Gestion de la Maintenance / Finance pour les non financiers / Marketing Digital / Gestion des ressources humaines

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Executive Master in Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence

Executive Master in : BIM & ERP Management


Our Scholarships to study at MSB & MedTech

Since its inception, SMU has been committed to promoting academic excellence by awarding scholarships to its brightest students. Today, the SMU Foundation, established as a non-profit organization, continues this tradition by offering three scholarship opportunities to outstanding students. These scholarships provide deserving individuals with the chance to pursue a high-quality education at two of the finest universities in Tunisia.

MSB - Mediterranean School of Business (License & Master)

MedTech - Mediterranean Institute of Technology (Engineering).

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