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MedTech is a university and community driven by a shared purpose: to develop the minds of young engineers. All nationalities and all disciplines are welcome to try to expand their minds and understanding in the fields of Software Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Renewable energies, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain applications.
Our community has a unique focus on developing the growing tech sector in the country by providing all its members with resources such as a maker lab, a startup accelerator and a wide network spanning the entire world and innumerable areas of expertise.

The teaching principles by which MedTech’s faculty abide are fundamental to each student. Providing personal experience for every member of the community where they can explore their own interests and future projects. Each course, training, club, and project is driven by the student body’s will and want to create an ever-evolving campus that aims to provide the best possible teaching content to accelerate the community’s skills matching their interests and the quickly transforming market

Engineering Programs

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Licence in Computer Science (3 years)

Engineering Cycle (5 years):

  • Pre-Engineering (2 years)
  • Engineering cycle (3 years):
    • Computer Systems Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • Renewable Energy Engineering
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International opportunities:

  • 3+2 Engineer Manager
    with HEC Montreal
  • 4+2 Engineering Research Transfer
    with University of South Carolina
  • 2+2 Engineering Research Transfer
    with University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • 4+2 Engineer Manager
    with IESEG

Internationally Recognized Degrees

In addition to being accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, MSB and MedTech belong to an elite group of Business and Engineering Schools worldwide that hold three of the most prestigious international accreditations. MSB is accredited by EFMD and AMBA, while MedTech is accredited by ABET. These esteemed accreditations open up global opportunities for our students and graduates, ensuring their degrees are recognized and valued in professional international contexts. As an accredited university, we prioritize maintaining high-quality standards in education and ensuring our programs meet global benchmarks for excellence.


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Opportunities For Global Exposure

Our mission is to provide our students and faculty with a variety of unique opportunities to experience higher education through either exchange, faculty mobility, degree transfers, or double degree programs.

We strategically seek out top-quality partners from all corners of the world in order to ensure diversity in our partners while guaranteeing an equivalent level of education.

Academic Support & Resources

SMU favors students’ personal development, with available personal advisors and active pedagogy putting the student at the center of their learning journey. The Advising & Counceling Center has been created to help students keep a healthy state of mind and help them in finding proper on-and-off-campus resources. SMU Career & Alumni Center aims to bridge the gap between professional life needs and our educational system to provide our students with the right skills and knowledge so that they succeed in their professional lives.

Quality Education

The strategic location of Tunisia in the heart of the Mediterranean combined with the diversity of its cultural heritage constitutes major assets for the development of a regional hub of educational excellence. It is in this framework that we have developed the South Mediterranean University (SMU).
Our mission at SMU is to train leaders capable of operating in a knowledge-based world economic order. To this end, the Mediterranean School of Business at SMU has set among its priorities the development of world-class educational programs. The quality of our faculty and our facilities, the adaptability of our programs to the needs of employers, and the dedication of our staff will make your SMU experience a wise investment.


Our Scholarships to study at MSB & MedTech

Since its inception, SMU has been committed to promoting academic excellence by awarding scholarships to its brightest students. Today, the SMU Foundation, established as a non-profit organization, continues this tradition by offering three scholarship opportunities to outstanding students. These scholarships provide deserving individuals with the chance to pursue a high-quality education at two of the finest universities in Tunisia. As part of our commitment to SMU Programs and Scholarships, we strive to create pathways for students to access educational opportunities and international experiences that enrich their academic journey.

MSB - Mediterranean School of Business (License & Master’s)

MedTech - Mediterranean Institute of Technology (Engineering).

Life on Campus

AN EXCITING STUDENT LIFEFor broader horizons and for a learning experience that does not stop at the doorsteps of the classrooms, the campus features many clubs and associations that provide extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities for students, launching social projects, raising funds and donations for those in need or developing leadership skills and aiming for peace or wining competitions and bringing back trophies with SMU Sports Club. Our students are always learning, developing, and most importantly following their passions around and beyond campus.

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